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Month: March 2016

How to Get Rid of Bad Backlinks in the Simplest Possible Way

How to Get Rid of Bad Backlinks in the Simplest Possible Way There are a number of ways to get rid of spammy backlinks. Getting rid of spammy backlinks makes us sure that we won’t be penalized by Google. How to Find the Backlinks Pointing to your website ? This can be done by using the tools present online. Open Site Explorer is a great tool available online for this purpose. It’s a MOz Product and is authentic and trustable. It will also show domain authority and page authority. Here when you will type the name of your website...

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Possible Impact on Search from Google’s Local Business Cards

The new update is widely being called “Google Local Business Cards”, although that name is unofficial. Google is exploring a new way to display search results that could have a significant impact on local search. This is part of Google Posts, currently in testing. Businesses can request an invitation, but approval is up to Google. The Local Business Card feature allows local businesses to promote certain services and content in a card carousel, at the top of the SERPs, along with visual previews and promotional information. The Local Business Cards are scrollable, allowing searchers to scroll horizontally to see...

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Solve the Day to Day Problems by Using Fixy #StartupIndia

Fixy aims to solve the day to day problems by professionalizing the Handyman & the retail cleaning business. Fixy is an advent to provide professional Handyman and Cleaning services to Urban India at affordable prices. Essential Handyman services and Cleaning services have always been a painful, tedious and lengthy process in procuring. They aim to solve the above problems by professionalizing the Handyman & the retail cleaning business.They provide the following services : Home Cleaning Office Cleaning Carpentry Electrician Plumbing AC Maintainence AC Services Sofa Shampooing,matress,carpet sanitization Founders of the company are Tufayl Merchant & Nabeel...

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AdWords Getting Redesiged for Marketing

People these days are using multiple device to use applications and visit websites. With the advent of smart phones, more searches take place on mobile devices rather than computers. A huge number of short sessions are held on mobile devices on a continuous basis. The ads have to appear in this short duration, and have to be useful too. Innovation in Adwords have always helped people to get a better user experience and helped businesses to grow. Adwords initially was a simple tool, but the with the advent of time, it has  become far more complex. AdWords now has...

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Besides RankBrain Google Names Two Highest Ranking Factors

Google has approx 200 ranking signals. They rarely disclose which is the ranking signal and which is not. Most of Google’s rank algorithm is shrouded in mystery. Google announced that RankBrain, their artificial intelligence system, was one of the top three ranking signals. During a Q&A session Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, named the two other top signals in response to a question by Ammon Johns. Yes, links and content are those 2 signals So according to Google, the top three ranking factors are RankBrain Links Content Andrey also stated there was “no order” when...

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