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Month: August 2016

Rich Heritage Sites to become Disabled Friendly by ASI

Rich Heritage Sites to become Disabled Friendly by ASI Most of the India’s visited monuments are still not fully accessible for the people with disabilities. There are even other hundreds of monuments, which are actually the top revenue earners, still don’t have the basic facilities for the visitors. The Central Government has now decided to initiate the process to make the monuments disabled friendly and also provide the facilities like WiFi, ATMs, drinking water, toilets and 3D walk tours. Also on cards are providing souvenirs, shoe wraps, caps, free parking facilities, refreshments and first aid. Accessible India campaign also...

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India’s Largest Online Library for Blind and Print Disabled

India’s Largest Online Library for Blind and Print Disabled Sugamya Pustakalaya is the India ‘s first and largest collection of accessible books. In Sugamya Pustakalaya, you can buy books which are accessible to the blind, people with low vision or to persons with any other print disability, this library of libraries is your one-stop shop. Sugamya Pustakalaya is a collaborative effort of several organizations to end the book famine faced by people with print disabilities. Books in diverse languages from various libraries across India can be accessed here. We have also partnered with international agencies like Bookshare and Accessible Books Consortium to provide you with accessible books from all over the world. Users can access a collection of over 2, 30,000 books, maintain their individual reading shelves online and also download books in chosen formats. Sugamya Pustakalaya is a facilitating platform for producers of accessible content to jointly work in producing and providing accessible books to people with print disabilities. Publishers can also collaborate with us to publish their content in accessible formats. Check out the video here : Click here to Register you Account for Sugamya...

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How Digital Locker System should be used by a Subscriber

How Digital Locker System should be used by a Subscriber A Digital Locker shall be used by the subscriber to – (a) access and register for Digital Locker on the web or mobile based Digital Locker Portal; (b) upload documents, or as the case may be, digitally sign, the uploaded documents in the Digital Locker as provided by the Digital Locker service provider; (c) access documents from issuers using the document URI’s available in the Digital Locker account. (d)grant access to the requester to access State or Central department or agency or body corporate issued records by providing unique...

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Operation of Digital Locker System

Operation of Digital Locker System 1) Any individual who is resident of India shall be able to open and gain access to Digital Locker portal after submitting duly prescribed application form to the authorised Digital Locker service provider. (2)Subject to the sub-rule (1), any individual may obtain the services of the licensed or empanelled Digital Locker service providers for the purpose of accessing locker, gateways and repository services using web or mobile based Digital Locker Portal. (3)Digital Locker Portal shall provide access to repositories and access gateway for issuers to issue and requesters to access digitally signed or equivalently...

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