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Emerging Scenarios in Artificial Intelligence – Softweb Brings AI to the Forefront in Ahmedabad

Emerging scenarios in Artificial Intelligence – Softweb brings AI to the forefront in Ahmedabad   Ahmedabad, 15th September, 2017 – Better living, human augmentation, singularity, ethical crises, job losses – these were the sentiments of the crowd at the Ahmedabad Management Association on Friday, 15th September, 2017. The speaker of the event was Ripal Vyas, President of Softweb Solutions. The event garnered an incredible response not only in terms of attendance but also interaction as the audience kept pouring in throughout the session while the questions kept flying about. Right from the beginning of humanity, we have looked towards technology...

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AMA invites Softweb Solutions to share its knowledge on the emerging scenarios of AI

AMA invites Softweb Solutions to share its knowledge on the emerging scenarios of AI     Ahmedabad, 9.Sep.2017 – The Ahmedabad Management Association invites Softweb Solutions to impart its knowledge and share its experience about Artificial Intelligence and its applications. This is an open event that would be dedicated to making the audience familiar with Artificial Intelligence. The event will be presented by the president of Softweb Solutions, Mr. Ripal Vyas. He would also be sharing his knowledge on topics like, how AI affects daily life of a person and why businesses should be aware of the technology. With...

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Direct Admission In BMS College of Engineering

We are providing Direct Admission in BMS College of Engineering ( BMSCE ) . If you want to start your career in the right direction then you are at the right place. We provide admission through institute level vacant seats and management seats. Admission in a college becomes very important in every student’s life. Pressure of getting rejected in good colleges leads to compromises in your choice of education. Why to compromise? Here is a chance to get Direct Admission in Best Engineering College in Bangalore.   About BMS College of Engineering (BMSCE)     BMS is an autonomous institute...

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Revolt Oxygen Is The Best Solution To Not Breathing Pollution

Revolt Oxygen Is The Best Solution To Not Breathing Pollution   Intro: Just a basic research on the internet about poor air quality and its side effects will bring up numerous results on how air quality severely affects our life. In fact make it India specific and you’ll be reminded of how the Delhi government took the tough decision of the odd and even number cars that would be allowed on the road on alternative days in an attempt to lower the city’s pollution levels. Delhi’s high pollution levels are just an example of how we are destroying...

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E-Property Pass Book (EPPB) – Updated on 30/11/2016

E-Property Pass Book (EPPB) – Is it Spam or Real ? E – Property Pass Book, Real Estate Surgical Strike, How to register your property or properties in E – Property Pass Book? Updated Date : 30/11/2016 A particular message on social media has gone viral regarding E-Property Pass Book (EPPB) . This is the message being circulated :  E-Property Pass Book (EPPB): From 1/4/2017 all properties are invalid for one year. You can’t sell or buy any property until u register your properties in the E-Property Pass book. EPPB will be linked with PAN, Aadhar online. Owner has to personally...

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