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Google’s New Paid Search Ad Layout & It’s Impact on Organic Search

Google’s New Paid Search Ad Layout & It’s Impact on Organic Search The Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) has evolved a lot with time. Features like news, images, videos and the Knowledge Graph have impacted the display, sorting and order of SERPs, dramatically impacting organic listings. Recently, Google decided that paid search ads will no longer appear on the right-hand side of search results for desktop users globally, and up to four paid search results will appear at the top of the page (up from a maximum of three previously). Paid search ads that fall below the fourth rank will appear at the...

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7 Easy Ways to Save Money in Google AdWords

7 Easy Ways to Save Money in Google AdWords Saving money on Google AdWords is not that easier, than you might think. With all of the intricate campaign-level settings, setup required, keyword research, ad copywriting, keyword bidding, and competition that goes into running a PPC account, it can be easy for advertisers to misstep. Even more so, capabilities and trends within Google AdWords change so quickly, tactics that worked two months ago may be outdated today. Discover these seven tactics to stop wasting your pay-per-click marketing budget. 1. Test and tweak keyword match types When adding new keywords in...

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AdWords Getting Redesiged for Marketing

People these days are using multiple device to use applications and visit websites. With the advent of smart phones, more searches take place on mobile devices rather than computers. A huge number of short sessions are held on mobile devices on a continuous basis. The ads have to appear in this short duration, and have to be useful too. Innovation in Adwords have always helped people to get a better user experience and helped businesses to grow. Adwords initially was a simple tool, but the with the advent of time, it has  become far more complex. AdWords now has...

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No Flash in HTML5 Ads From January 2017 : Google

From January 2017, Google intends to drop support for Flash-based ads in favor of ads coded in HTML5 . That’s a long way off, but it gives advertisers plenty of time to prepare for the transition. From June 30th of this year, Flash format ads can no longer be uploaded on the Google Display Network. Advertisers have up until June 30 year to upload any Flash-based ads they may have, after which time Google will no longer be accepting them. So if you’re working on any Flash-based display ads, ship them by June 30, and they’ll be in circulation throughout...

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Digital Marketing Trends 2016

Marketing is evolving as technology and social media is playing a major role in pushing it further. It’s very much important to understand the trends, evolving into digital marketing. It helps us to understand the resources available and the strategies which can be implemented to understand the market. As per the survey by Social Media Today, the year 2016 will be the year of twitter. They are saying so because the majority of teenagers are leaving Facebook for other social networks. Twitter recently became a publicly traded company, so there are more chances that it will be in the...

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