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English Emperor, an Online Subsidiary of Hridya Education World, is Organizing ‘National English Olympiad 2017’ on 19th November

New Delhi, July 22, 2017 — English Emperor, an online subsidiary of Hridya Education World, is organizing ‘National English Olympiad 2017’ on 19th November this year. The two hour exam would test school students from Grades 5th to 12th in basics of the English language as well as in their comprehension levels. The students would be given an ‘All-India Ranking Certificate’ as well as rankings at state and city level. The exam would give the students not only the chance to improve upon their portfolio by gaining a national ranking, it would allow them to gain a detailed perspective...

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Baefikre : Searching for Unique Phone Covers and More? Be Our Guest

BAEFIKRE : SEARCHING FOR UNIQUE PHONE COVERS AND MORE? BE OUR GUEST Baefikre is an initiation that makes a conscious effort to mix happiness with quirk to ensure that every product you buy from us is an extension of your true self. Baefikre is a venture that is fresh in mindset and ambitious in nature and that is how it aims to bring out nothing but the best. With a vision to progress in size and style, Baefikre is the ultimate destination to seek uniqueness.An online portal where you get to see phone covers that you must have never...

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Revolt Oxygen Ensures You Breath Fresh Air, Everywhere

REVOLT OXYGEN ENSURES YOU BREATH FRESH AIR, EVERYWHERE   With the rise in pollution levels in cities it is becoming increasingly difficult to breathe fresh, unadulterated air. Yes, the oxygen we breath is not safe, in fact most of the time we are breathing in dust, dirt, car fumes, gas and many more things that are sure to cause illnesses. Are wondering what solution we have? Well, we didn’t have any until Revolt Oxygen came into the picture. Revolt is a revolutionary product that has been launched in India without any competition. The brainchild of Prakash Saraf, Revolt oxygen...

Read More launches ‘Lessons’, a knowledge sharing platform that enables Tutors to share rich content with Students launches ‘Lessons’, a knowledge sharing platform that enables Tutors to share rich content with Students Bangalore, Karnataka, Feb 06, 2017 –, India’s largest online destination for discovering best education, has launched a new knowledge sharing platform called ‘Lessons’. The platform enables tutors to create and share their in-depth knowledge and expertise of a subject with students. While Students get a set of rich lessons on specific subjects, tutors get to position themselves as subject experts. This new knowledge sharing platform would help UrbanPro leverage its huge network of 4 lac Tutors and 70,000 registered Training Institutes,...

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Get a step ahead and grab the attention of your prospective clients with Team on Toes

Get a step ahead and grab the attention of your prospective clients with a digital version of the printed brochure! Now that it is tried and tested with the pundits of marketing, a video is a medium class apart to convey your business to masses, cheaper and quicker. Hence a better visibility will bring up more prospects and potential business opportunity conversions. With just one time investment it invokes a greater influence, digitally and in a much entertaining way. Why not add value to the investment you intend to do and get a video made out of that brochure....

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