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Guideline for Title Tag Length in 2016 for #Google. #SEO

From the past few weeks, Google has been doing testing a major change to the left hand column, expanding containers from 512 pixels to 600 (a 17% increase). Google has also increased the length of the result titles: Does it mean the length of the title tag can be increased? Well there are so many parameters linked to it : (1) Character Widths Vary Arial font is used by Google for the result titles and this font is proportional. It means that different characters will occupy different amount of space. A lower case “i” is going to occupy much...

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Top 7 Free SEO Tools to Boost your Web Performance. Useful for Beginners too!!

Here are the Top 7 Free SEO Tools to Boost your Web Performance 1. Google Webmaster Tool This is the official google webmaster tool and helps webmasters to know about the latest updates from Google and helps to find the issues on the site. It is one of the most essential tools that all the site owners should use. 2. Google Analytics In today’s era, everything is incomplete without analytics. Google has again free tool to measure the analytics on the site. It gives the clear insight about how users are responding to our site. 3. Google Page Speed...

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SEO Related Spending to Reach worth $80 billion by 2020

Borrell Associates, local media forecaster has attempted to capture the totality of spending on “digital marketing services” in the US. Borrell argues that “businesses will shell out an estimated $613 billion in DMS” in 2016, an amount many times larger than “ad spending.” The report is principally focused on spending by small businesses. Digital marketing services here includes ads but extends to spending on presence management, PR, listings management, content creation, reputation monitoring, app development, email and beyond. These services are broadly captured in the chart above, breaking down the market by spending category (for 2016). The report unpacks...

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Estimated Time for 1st Page Ranking in Seo

Say it be your client or your boss, their first question which they ask is how much time will it take to rank on the first page of Google. From their point of view, it is a right question also. They are investing money and any one investing money will surely ask this. But to be true, when it comes to SEO, no one can guarantee the result. All a SEO guy can do is to optimize the site, so that Google bots can crawl all the pages, each and every part of our content. And after that he...

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Double the Power of Your Back-links by Setting the Preferred Domain

Double the Power of Your Back-links by Setting the Preferred Domain Setting the domain preference should be the first thing that should be done by ans SEO guy. With a single domain fixed, i.e www version or no-www version helps to get SEO benefits in the future. Reasons Why You Should Set Your Preferred Domain: 1. The Panda Update Panda is responsible for penalizing the sites with duplicate content. For Google, the www version and non-www version for the same sites are different. Google on seeing the same content, penalizes the site and then there is loss. It is...

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