Our Blog, Bharat Go Digital is rich in information and is content-driven, and we provide free press release for the basic announcement.

Majority of the people use our Free Press Release Service to submit free white documents as they provide a lot of opportunities for SEO benefits and they get links necessary for good ranking of the web page on Google. This also helps in Search Engine Optimization for their websites

Our free press release distribution services are considered SEO-friendly and credible:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The SEO is the basic functionality of the website. Our Press Release Service allow keyword data, links to anchor text, tagging, etc. Our free press release distribution sites allows one outbound link.
  • Credibility: You can check the credibility of our site on the most reliable metric of the SEO industry like Moz Domain Authority and Majestic Trust Flow.




The majority of the SEO advertisers make use of our Free Press Release distribution Services to generate positive results for their customers.

With a newsworthy and well-written press release, you are able to:

  1. Make backlinks for your site. You can also embed contextual links in your PR which link directly to your site.
  2. Distribute press release almost immediately and globally (pending the approval process and editor’s review).
  3. Boost social murmur with Facebook “likes”, tweets, LinkedIn connections and Google+ fans. The free PR sites enable you to share your various press releases with individuals whom you are connected through social media.
  4. Increase website traffic. With the help of press release, you can engage the reader to your website.
  5. Improve page rank of your website. The higher the page rank of your website, it will appear more frequently on the search engine.
  6. Make viral marketing. This is the very difficult task to achieve. Information-rich and well-written PR can give you “Snowball Effect” i.e. the site visitors keep on sharing your press release with other site visitors. This process goes in infinite loop.
  7. Complement your existing marketing campaigns. A press release or a series of press releases that span many months can work jointly with other types of marketing, such as article distribution, social networking, and pay-per-click ads.
  8. Rank higher the website in Yahoo!, Bing and Google search results.




Do you know, you can submit press release free to us! All you have to do is to send your press release at

Before submitting the press release, always ensure that you optimize your press release for better results. Follow the below-mentioned tips:

  1. Write non-spammy and engaging headline. Our press release distribution service let you to include a sub-headings.
  2. Write original, newsworthy and high-quality content. Compose content for readers, not for the search engine.
  3. In contact information, add an URL path to your Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or other well-liked social networking site.
  4. In your Press release, add contextual links or hyperlink which link back to your specific webpage or website.
  5. To improve your PR, include images to attract visitors.Use keywords to achieve better ranking on search engines.
  6. To engage your readers, embed YouTube videos. Also, encourage your readers to further share your own YouTube videos.
  7. Write your content in plain English language. Use simple words, brief paragraphs, and short sentences.
  8. Add quotations of skilled industry professionals (1 or 2) or your own dialogue snippet to add reliability to your free press release sites.
  9. To make your press release friendly, inviting and unique, embed your own personality.




You can use our free online PR site for your press release submissions. This is one of the best and simpler ways to grow your business. Our Press Releases distribution Service gives you the platform to post your various advertising news online. It then compels other online major channels to share this with other small channels.

You can send us a mail at with your press release.

After this, your news press release will be distributed to your audience via mobile news, RSS feed, social media, email marketing




You will find a number of benefits of utilizing our free press release distribution, a few of them are:

  1. Exposure: This is the most basic component of press releases. Now, you are able to create your own press release if you’ve no budget or you have limited number of resources or no resource. You can distribute your press release to websites throughout the world. This the best approach to direct the traffic to your social profiles or your websites. It’s a great way to drive traffic to your websites or social profiles.
  2. Authority: Whenever you create an original contact, you are making an authority of yourself in your business. You’re the expert in your field, and it allows you to build loyalty and trust among your potential customers and clients.
  3. Audience Targeting: In spite of your advertising and marketing goals, you always want to approach your readers in extensive ways as it is not sufficient for you to undergo 1 or 2 channels. By making use of our free press release distribution service, you’re able to target a large number of audience/readers, whether your aim is to drive sale or traffic.
  4. Budget-Friendly: If we talk about budget-friendly content marketing alternative then press releases are in the top position. Apart from the price of written press release, you are spending nothing, if you are making use of our free press release submission services.


As compared with the traditional and tedious article marketing strategy, now you can very easily submit your press releases online to us, you can earn fast advertising results.

During this process, you need to write information-rich and eye-catchy product overview to attract people to your channel. Moreover, you can publicize different news related to your business, its achievements, developments, and success. This will help you in making trust among investors and customers.


Press releases play an important role in marketing strategy and SEO. Press releases can be a foil for other web crawlers’ strategies and can boost your blogs, social networking profiles and other strategies of content marketing.

A couple of years back search engines like Google started to noticed that press releases were utilized as a spamming strategy. The best way to prevent these types of penalties from Google regarding press releases is to generate high-quality and engaging content. For instance, you can use our free press releases distribution to advertise a new service or product, or you can showcase your business to the world for an esteemed award but with unique and useful content.

Now all these activities rely upon the use of SEO or how you use keywords naturally. With the help of this, you’re able to gain more publicity on different search engines. Another benefit of SEO which stems from the utilization of press releases incorporate referral traffic and link building.

Ultimately, press release marketing can give you the below-mentioned benefits:

  • Straightforward and non-demanding distribution procedure for the content that has to be distributed on the Internet
  • Offers good publicity to your business-related announcements and updates. With the help of this, you can easily reach to your customers in the market.
  • Press release distribution services help you to generate the permanent backlink to your site.
  • Possibility to draw in more visitors to your website.

Nowadays, you will find a number of press release services working on the net. A few of them provides syndication options with higher rates. But, if you spend more time on research, you may find that there are firms which give a proper balance between affordability and work quality. If you’re not having sufficient money then you can make use of the free press release websites. You will get the free publicity as per your need.

You can choose us as your trustworthy free PR distribution service and forget all your worries.

All you need to to do is to send your Press Release at We publish only original, non spammy articles and minimum word count is 500 words . Also it would be great if you can share the images to get more interactions. 


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