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4 Tips All Mobile Owners Must Know #DigitalIndia #TechTip

Here is a list of 4 tips which every person using mobiles must follow. In the long run, these tips are very useful.

  • Note Down IMEI Number : If you have lost your mobile phone or if its stolen, then you can recover it or at least block it if you know the IMEI number of the phone.
  • Enable Device Locking : Use a lock code or lock pattern. If the phone is stolen or lost, people won’t be able to access the useful information on the phone.
  • Use a Pin to lock sim card : When you use the lock for your sim, then you’ve secured the data on your SIM. You could remove that SIM and place it in another phone, but without that PIN, the SIM is useless. So in this way data can be secured on the sim.
  • Report lost or stolen devices : Report about the stolen phone or devices to police. They may try to track the phone and get you back your lost property.

Source : @DigitalIndia

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