Gone are the days when people use to struggle to get their passports. With the rise in technology and digital literacy in India, complexities to get the passport has reduced. In this article we are going to learn How to Apply for Passport Online in India.

Apply for Passport Online : Step By Step Guide


  • The first thing that we need to do is to visit the official website of Passport Seva. This interface would appear :


online passport india


Choose the New User Register Now option.


  • We assume that you are logging in for the first time. The following screen will come. Make sure you fill all the data correctly.


online passport seva


  • Now you will get the verification mail on your email id. Verify the mail.
  • Login with the registered email id.
  • Once we login, we will get the following screen :


apply for fresh passport


  • As we are applying for the passport for the first time, we will choose : Apply for Fresh Passport:Re-issue of Passport
  • Since we have to apply for passport online, we will be choosing Alternative 1 . This will be the screen :


Click here to fill the application form online


  • Once we select this, we will get the following 3 options :


3 categories to choose from while applying passport


  1.  As we assume, we are applying it for the first time, choose Fresh Passport button
  2. Normal Passport takes more time to get ready as compared to Tatkal Passport. Choose the option as per your need.
  3. In case if you know you are going to travel more often, choose 60 pages passport otherwise select 36 pages passport.

Once all the options have been selected, click Next. The following screen will come.


passport form while applying online


  • We need to fill the details. Make sure that you make no mistakes and every thing is correct.
  • Go to each tab and fill the information.


passport seve online


  • In the Reference Section, you will have to give details of 2 people who may be contacted for verification purpose.  We need to give name and address of two people.
  • So once the application has been completed successfully, you will get you reference number.
  • In order to schedule the appointment, payment has to be done. Choose Pay & Schedule Appointment.
  • Now you will have 2 options, either go for Online Payment or Challan Payment from SBI Bank. Do the online payment and go the next option
  • Once the payment is done, you will get the option to schedule your appointment to go and visit the passport office for verification.
  • Make sure you follow all the instructions which they give you.
  • Police verification will be done after this.


Do comment if you have any query or issue. We all will help each other to get the queries resolved.


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