Approximately 950 million Indians don’t have Internet connection

A report said that internet connectivity is still a major problem for nearly 950 million people in the country.

According to the Assocham-Deloitte joint study :

“Even with the internet data plans in India being among the cheapest in the world and the average retail price of smartphones steadily declining, connectivity is still out of the reach of nearly 950 million Indians.”

Currently, India has about 350 million internet users, second only to China.

Digital literacy needs to be amplified by providing institutional training in schools, colleges and universities according to the reports.

The report emphasised for speeding up partnerships with international technology leaders and using the personnel taught under Skill India to give training.

Apart from that, an incorporated approach between Digital India and Skill India are required to design programmes and pass on training, it said.

“Start-ups should be involved to create and customise apps to local needs to increase adoption of digital technology,” the study said.

A proper structure needed for the contribution of private sector in skill development programs defining their task, expectations in terms of funds, content and employment.

Besides, incorporation of local language and technology is also necessary to force digital literacy.

The biggest obstacle in an adoption of digital technologies in the state is the fear of cybercrime and breaches of privacy.

The study further added that to persuade people to switch to digital means, it is significant to give education and make them aware on the cyber security, risks and protection of information on the internet.

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