Chief Justise of India tells Judges to Adapt to Digital India


Shri TS Thakur, the Chief Justice of India on Monday said

“Adapting to newly digitised Indian vision is indispensable now.”

India is witnessing a shift from physical infrastructure to digital infrastructure.

After opening the 18th biennial state level conference of judicial officers in Bengaluru, he further said that :

“We are a part of this changing process of accepting, learning and imbibing digital technologies including usage of Cloud Computing and Mobile Applications in our everyday lifestyle.”

The encouragement for adopting digital payment mechanisms by the government of India will inevitably give rise to complex legal issues for all of us to address shortly, the CJI said, and urged the judicial officers to walk an extra mile towards judicial excellence as the country moves into a digital realm.

Thakur also said that

“In the present day society, understanding the legal dynamics of changing digital world is also one of the crucial aspects of striving for excellence in our judicial work. India, we all know, is going digital not only in day to day commercial transactions but even in digitised infrastructure in governance.”

Lawyers and judges who are capable of dealing with the nuances of digital revolution and legal dynamics of changing digital world would soon be needed in the digitised society.

He said,

“We must view this development critically not cynically.”

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