Free WiFi in 3 Madhya Pradesh Villages

4 Techies have turned 3 villages in Madhya Pradesh into a free wifi zone at their own expenses. Tushar Barthare, Bhanu Yadav,Shakeel Anjum and Abhishek Barthare who did their engineering from Madhya Pradesh started the campaign to provide free wifi access to all.

They installed high frequency towers and wireless remote satellite devices to ensure that they have 24*7 access to the wifi. This setup cost them around 2 Lakhs INR and they made it at their own expanses.

They are collaborating with the local NGO’s so that village people can use wifi more effectively. This will be very beneficial for the inhabitants of the village. They can now understand and get information to the latest government schemes going on. They can now educate themselves and know what’s going on in around the world.