Get Your Own .bharat Domain



Now get your own “डॉट भारत” domain for your sites. With the domain “डॉट भारत” users can use internet address in the Indian Regional Languages. India’s .IN and “डॉट भारत” are operated by The IN Registry

 The Government of India has assigned the operations of IN Registry to a non-profit company, NIXI (National Internet Exchange of India). With an objective of facilitating improved internet services in the country, NIXI was incorporated under section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1956.

“डॉट भारत” डोमेन is available in following Indian Languages :

Internationalized Domain Name (IDN)                      Language
.भारत                                                                                     .Bharat in Devanagari
.ভারত                                                                                    .Bharat in Bangla
.భారత్                                                                                     .Bharat in Telugu
.ભારત                                                                                    .Bharat in Gujarati
. ب ھارت                                                                               .Bharat in Urdu
.இந்தியா                                                                            . Bharat in Tamil
.ਭਾਰਤ                                                                                   . Bharat in Gurumukhi (Punjabi)

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