Government is making an All in One Government App. Name of the app is UMANG, NeGD will partner with a private entity.

It is envisaged that the Partner Agency will bring in requisite technical expertise and resources for quick rollout, easier scaling up and flexible adoption of technology. The emphasis will be on uniform user experience, quick on – boarding of Central/State government services with less capital expenditure, along with robust programme sustainability. These are the following requirements that UMANG should have :

1. Development of UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New Age Governance) platform  that provides services on mobile devices across Central, State Government  departments, local bodies and/or their agencies through a centralized platform. Once deployed centrally the UMANG platform shall support integration and mobile enablement of services for on boarding new Government applications.
2. In addition to public services UMANG should be able to provide some Citizen Centric services
offered from authorized private businesses, as permitted by NeGD/DeitY.

3. UMANG shall be accessible to citizens through mobile App, web, and through mobile channels such as IVR and SMS.

4. The UMANG platform shall have open standards based architecture that allows various government departments toquickly integrate and make available their services through standard API in SOAP/REST and open data formats such as JSON/XML.

5. The UMANG platform shall be capable to maintain/remember citizen personal details, preferences and data required to access department services without the user having to re-enter these every time. Data shall be stored securely and the user consent must be taken for any citizen data storage.

6. UMANG platform shall support/integrate with Aadhaar based authentication and other authentication mechanisms or services for requisite Departmental Services.

7. NeGD/DeitY shall facilitate allocation of short code from DoT, however all co-ordination and liasoning with TELCOS shall be responsibility of the Partner Agency.

8. Create and manage environments for Integration testing and UAT (User Acceptance Testing), the UAT setup shall be near replica of the production setup. This will entail setting up of two environments namely a Staging Environment and a Live Production Environment.

9. Creation of new services and management of existing services on mobile app, portal and other mobile channels shall be supported through a user friendly graphical user interface while using a common integration layer with government departments. The app and portal shall be responsive and built on responsive framework, be compatible with standard form factors on smart phones and intelligent vis a vis user preference.

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