Government of India has launched National Voter’s Service Portal. Following are the services included in the portal :

  • Search Your Name in Electoral Roll : Here people can search for the name in the electoral roll. It has become now easier to see if the name is present or not.
  • Apply Online for Registration of New Voter : New Voters who want to apply for the voter Id’s card won’t have to wait in long queues. This portal is available for their help.
  • Apply Online for Registration of Overseas Voter : Citizens of India living outside India can also register using this portal.
  • Correction of Entries in Electoral Roll : When such a huge task was to be performed manually, mistakes were sure to happen. Rectifying those mistakes was not a easy task then. But it is now with the help of this portal. Mistake in the card can be improved using this portal.
  • Know your Booth, AC and PC : The location of the booth can be easily ¬†searched just by filling the form. Relevant booth will appear infront of us on the screen.
  • Know your BLO, ERO and DEO : BLO, ERO and DEO can be easily obtained simply by filling the forms.

Links to some other information sources are also available. They are :

  1. Links to State/UT CEO’s
  2. Voter Education Channel
  3. Polling Process
  4. Electronic Voting Machine
  5. Complaints / Suggestions



Source : http://www.nvsp.in/