Digital Locker

Operation of Digital Locker System

1) Any individual who is resident of India shall be able to open and gain access to Digital Locker portal after submitting duly prescribed application form to the authorised Digital Locker service provider.

(2)Subject to the sub-rule (1), any individual may obtain the services of the licensed or empanelled Digital Locker service providers for the purpose of accessing locker, gateways and repository services using web or mobile based Digital Locker Portal.

(3)Digital Locker Portal shall provide access to repositories and access gateway for issuers to issue and requesters to access digitally signed or equivalently authenticated electronic records respectively in a uniform way in real-time.

(4)Digital Locker Directory shall provide following details, namely:––

(a)Registration facility for issuers, requesters, locker providers, repository providers and gateway providers;

(b)issuer (name, ID, registration date, contact details), Requester ID ((name, ID, registration date, contact details), Gateway ID (name, ID, registration date, contact details) and repositories (name, ID, registration date,contact details);

(c)standards, application forms, and other particulars;

(d)electronic workflow to request, approve, and publish new ID for new issuers, gateways and repositories, as the case may be

(e) any other information as prescribed by the Government.