Planning to get Jio SIM, these are the 5 things to know #OnJio #JioDigitalLife

Planning to get Jio SIM, these are the 5 things to know #OnJio #JioDigitalLife

Reliance officially announced the Jio 4G services in India. It is a truly disruptive launch. Not only it is a service with comparatively affordable data plans but it is also available to anyone with a compatible 4G phone for free for until December 31. Sounds tempting? Yes, it does and we are sure that you must be hoping to get a Jio SIM. But before you decide to get one, here are the key bits that you need to know:

1. The Jio is a 4G service. Well, we are sure that you know this but it is worth repeating. If you have an older that only supports 3G, it may not work on your phone. Also, just to add, it won’t work on feature phones. You need 4G connectivity.

2. To make calls, Jio uses VoLTE network. This is something new for India. This means calls are made using data connection. Now, it won’t be a problem for Jio to Jio calls. But for the Jio to GSM calls, which means calls to Airtel and Vodafone numbers etc, you will have to install an app called Jio Join because the calls will use interconnecting infrastructure that current telecom operators use. Even then there is a chance that many calls may fail. Reliance CMD Mukesh Ambani said the existing telecom operators are not doing their bit to make the service good for consumers. For example, he said, that in the last one week 5 crore Jio calls failed.

3. If you want a Jio SIM and are in Delhi or Mumbai, go to a Jio store with your Aadhar card. This will simplify the process of getting the SIM. In other parts of the country, the same process will be rolled out in the next 4 to 6 weeks.

4. The Jio SIM cards are free. And they will be available from September 5. Don’t pay any price to any dealer to get the SIM. It’s not required.

Ambani says,

“Jio’s Data, Voice, Video and the full bouquet of Jio applications and content will be available for EVERYONE absolutely FREE, till 31st December 2016.”

5. If you are a student, go to the Jio store with your valid ID card. Although the Jio services are free until December 31, after that you will pay around Rs 50 per GB. But students will get 25 per cent more data once the commercial plans get active.

Source : India Today