All Property Records to get digitised in Noida #DigitalIndia

On Tuesday 16,300 institutional, industrial and commercial properties were digitised by The Noida Authority.

According to officials, digital services for these properties will be available from from January 2, 2017 while the first phase of the project was soft-launched on Tuesday.

With the digitisation of properties, a host of services, including permissions for mortgage, mutation of land, transfer of memorandum, completion and functional certificates, lease rent deposit, water bill payment, etc, will be a smooth affair for allottees in Noida, a senior official said.

“The services can be accessed from Noida’s website Each allottee will be provided with a unique user ID and password.”
“With the industrial application going online, investors and entrepreneurs will be able to view all available land for industries. While payments will be done online, the portal will also allow electronic communication. In future, GIS-based plot search and visibility will be added.”
“We are also working on Online Building Map Approval Process System (OBMAPS to speed up the process of building plan compliance check, in accordance with building by-laws.”