How to Apply for Degree / Urgent Degree in CSVTU Online?


how to apply for degree / urgent degree in csvtu online


In order to apply for degree in CSVTU, you need to :

  1. Download the Application Form & Fill it. Download Application from here
  2. Get the photocopies of the original mark-sheet attested from your respective college.
  3. Payment can be done in two ways :
    1. Via Demand Draft.
    2. Online SBI Payment. Click here to go SBI Bank Page.
    3. For online payment via SBI, select the check box and click on Proceed. In Payment Category Select – “Student Fee Collection.”  Check out the video below.

4. Application Form along with attested mark-sheet & payment confirmation has to be submitted to CSVTU.

Normally we can apply for degree in Rs 500, but it may take upto 6 months for degree to come. If you want to apply for degree in CSVTU on an urgent basis, we can apply the same for Rs 2000.

These are the Steps to Apply for Degree / Urgent Degree in CSVTU.

Do share your experience while applying for degree in CSVTU as this may help other students too.

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