Use #DigiLocker to keep your #DrivingLicense

digi locker

In some time, there will be no need to carry driving license and registration certificate (RC) of the vehicle by keeping them in Digi Locker.

These documents can then be kept in the secured national digital locker system which can be verified by traffic police and other law enforcing agencies in case of need.

The transport and IT ministries will launch this system on Wednesday. #DigiLockers help you consolidate all your important papers at one place. You just need to have an aadhaar card linked to your cell number to open an account.

Sources said once this service starts, it will help spot verification of DLs and RCs directly in the users’ mobile phone from the national registry of vehicle and drivers’ data. “The verifying official needs to have the mobile app to check the authenticity of the soft documents. The IT ministry will launch the app soon,” a transport ministry official said.

Telangana and Delhi could be the leaders since traffic police in these states are issuing e-challalns and there is better internet connectivity.

The enforcement personnel can feed the penalty points using the app in case any violation is detected.

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