People these days are using multiple device to use applications and visit websites. With the advent of smart phones, more searches take place on mobile devices rather than computers.

A huge number of short sessions are held on mobile devices on a continuous basis. The ads have to appear in this short duration, and have to be useful too.

Innovation in Adwords have always helped people to get a better user experience and helped businesses to grow. Adwords initially was a simple tool, but the with the advent of time, it has  become far more complex.

AdWords now has display and video media that can be bought on YouTube and across the web. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This increase in complexity has created the need to redesign AdWords.

“From creating a single Shopping campaign to updating thousands of text ads, we needed to do this in a way that works well for all advertisers around the world, regardless of size or objective. So we met with many of you – large and small advertisers, from power users to beginners – in order to understand what we’re doing well and where we’re falling short. The comments we received and insights we uncovered were illuminating, and they ultimately resulted in user studies, product refinement, and this important milestone. Today I’m excited to provide an early look into the new AdWords experience and three key areas of the platform we’re deeply focused on. ” says Jerry Dischler, Vice President of Product Management, AdWords

The most noticeable about this new AdWords experience is the look and feel. This is Material Design, the design language that’s at the core of our favorite Google apps like Maps, Search, and Gmail.

While this AdWords may look and feel different, campaigns will run the same as they run today.

Through 2016 and into 2017, new AdWords experience will continue to grow. Google Adwords team will also invite advertisers along the way to try it out and provide feedback. Invites will be sent based on a number of factors, therefore not all advertisers will be able to test the new experience right away.