Digital MarketingTrends2016 (2)

Marketing is evolving as technology and social media is playing a major role in pushing it further. It’s very much important to understand the trends, evolving into digital marketing. It helps us to understand the resources available and the strategies which can be implemented to understand the market.

As per the survey by Social Media Today, the year 2016 will be the year of twitter. They are saying so because the majority of teenagers are leaving Facebook for other social networks. Twitter recently became a publicly traded company, so there are more chances that it will be in the spot light.

Videos are exploding at a very fast rate, with 100 hours of video uploaded each hour to YouTube. Brands are creating short commercials to reach the mass audience using these social sites.

Forbes says, people are using social media primarily for the purpose of self advertisement. We can create marketing campaigns to promote personal brands. These platforms promote virtual events that help in cultivating self-expression in a very artful way.

Now days, companies are hiring employees who have high social media literacy skills, who have the ability to navigate social networks, create content and analyze data. These platforms can also help job seekers in the community by providing them with proper study materials and videos.

Google+ is regarded as the second largest social network after Facebook. Google is the largest search engine, and it’s considered that profiles likely to be on its social network will get more credibility in the search engine algorithm.

A joint survey was conducted by Google and Nielsen. The results were a bit astonishing. They found that 55% of the people making purchases through mobile would like to buy within an hour, and 83% within a day. These stats show that it is important to have a mobile strategy and the responsive web sites.

People are also searching for services which are based on location and proximity. As per a particular research, people expect the business to be within a five mile-radius.

Present marketing trend is increasing the need of original content; as a result the need of content writers is increasing. Even Google also demands high quality and authentic articles for ranking and proper search engine optimization of the websites. According to Hubspot, the top marketing job in 2016 will be the job of the content writer. As a result new jobs will also be because of this new marketing trends.