IndianArmy‬ is full of stories of heroism and valor. One such story is that of “Badluram” of the Assam Regiment; an Infantry regiment of the Indian army. “Badluram ka badan Zamin ke neeche hai….aur humko uska ration milta hai…” (Badluram’s body is buried but we draw his ration) goes the regimental song. The legend of the song is based on a true story.

Badluram was a soldier who died in the World War II. His Quarter Master was apparently ‘smart’ and continued to draw rations on the jawan’s name.The surplus ration that collected in the name of Badluram over the months proved to be a godsend when the regiment was surrounded by the Japanese and cut off from supplies. The regiment survived the siege thanks to Badluram’s ration and averted a possibly disastrous fate that could have resulted in many deaths goes the story.

Every passing out ceremony of young recruits at Shillong features a rousing, inspiring rendition of Badluram ka Badan; a thoroughly enjoyable and morale uplifting performance. Watch a more informal rendition of song below with a great deal of clapping, whistling and foot stomping enjoyment.