Indian Army Families Talking About Their Biggest Fears & Memories

Even the mere thought of losing someone you love gives you the chills. Imagine living this life every day. That’s what a person who has their loved one in the Army feels like. So many brave hearts have given their lives to ensure we sleep sound at night, and we’ve always wondered what drives them to do this? There’s something they have within them that is not just patriotism, it’s selfless, unconditional love for their country. India is, was and has always been their reason to face every challenge put forth them.

Remembering Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan (15th March 1977 – 28th November 2008)

But they are not alone. There are children, wives and families silently guarding these heroes emotionally and mentally. Being Indian was honored to meet these families and Army men who sent us back feeling completely different from what we were when we entered. Here’s what they had to say –

I was scared initially, but my husband told me to be independent and not expect him to be always be there for me. There will always be days when I will have to live alone. He made me strong mentally.


My dad was a part of the ’99 Kargil war. Every day was terrifying for me. We always feared for his life. This is not an easy job.

We don’t join army for the risk, there’s a sense of pride in the job.


Your corporate job can you give you fat packages, but not the kind of selfless bond we army men have with our friends.

If I were to get a chance to live my life again, I’d live this entire life all over again.

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Source : Being Indian