major jyotin singh

The first Army Doctor to receive the Ashok Chakra posthumously, for his bravery while fighting militants during an attack on Indians in Kabul is Major Jyotin Singh . Thirteen days after his posting, a guarded residential compound attached to but away from the embassy — housing six army medical officers, four para-medics and two army officers — was raided by suicide bombers. A terrorist killed three security guards and then entered the compound to kill survivors.

He opened Kalashnikov gunfire into the individual rooms and hurled grenades. In the me-lee, five unarmed officers took shelter in one of the rooms, which came under grenade attack. The roof caught fire and spread to the bathroom where another five officers were sheltered.

Major Jyotin Singh crawled out from under the debris of his room, unarmed, charged at the terrorist and pinned him down. He continued to grapple with the terrorist and did not let him go till the latter detonated his suicide vest which resulted to his death.

Major Jyotin Singh gave up life for the sake of five of his colleagues, one of whom unfortunately was still charred to death, and another succumbed to his injuries five days later. His sacrifice, in addition, also saved the lives of two officers and four paramedics and two Afghan civilians within the compound,