sub rudra bahadur pun

24 July 1948 .Two companies of 4 GR were surrounded by some 300 to 400 hostiles at Kazalwan and opened up with heavy mortar and MMG. Subedar Rudra Bahadur Pun, with complete disregard for his personal safety, crawled along the slope, swept by enemy mortar fire and contacted the forward platoon thereby succeeding in bringing down controlled and effective fire on the enemy.

One of the OR who was firing the LMG, was wounded by an enemy MMG burst. He ordered the platoon commander to hold on at the Platoon Headquater and himself carried the wounded soldier back to headquarters through enemy fire. On his way back since, the Platoon was running short of ammunition he collected the ammunition and with total disregard to his safety came back to the platoon position.

Subedar Rudra Bahadur Pun continued displaying similar acts of gallantry with complete disregard for his personal safety till 29 July 1948. For his selfless devotion to duty Subedar Rudra Bahadur Pun was awarded Vir Chakra. ‪#‎BraveSonsOfIndia‬

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