Bharat : How your company started?

Akash :  Virtual Garage started with the hassle I faced while I was working the Symphony Ltd as the Technical Executive after being placed from the Campus as Mechanical Engineer. I wanted to get my bike Yamaha R15 being serviced but having the hectic schedule didn’t allowed me to get it done.
So, It was the first time, I felt that this kind of service will be really in need in this kind of monotonous routines for the daily bike commuters. So from that instance I started to work upon the idea to bring it to the elite customers. It took me around 2 Months to execute the idea from papers to ground


Bharat : What was the vision behind it?

Akash :  The vision about the company is to eradicate all the types of hassles which customer face while getting his/her two wheeler service in PAN INDIA. Also, to build a bridge between the authorized service providers and local mechanics while taking our customer satisfaction as our forte.


Bharat : What solutions does your company provide?

Akash :  Our company provide with the one stop solution for two wheelers whether it is routine service/repairing/breakdown or accessories fitment in any two-wheeler in Delhi-NCR. Soon will be expanding in Bengaluru and Pune as well.

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Bharat : What are the difficulties which you have faced or you are facing while running your startup?

Akash :  Difficulties are the roads which takes us to the next level. So talking about difficulties, I personally went straight from the A.C chamber to the heat of Delhi with no roof on the top to serve our customers. I was working on the ground for 3 months with my mechanical staff so that I can figure out about the problems which my team will face in the future and gave them the solution to it.

Talking about obstacles, the biggest challenge is to keep the moral up of the ground staff as they are final product of our service which gets connected to the customers.

So they should be filled with courtesy and have the respect for the customer rest all can be achieved with the time and most importantly one should learn from the mistakes as it is obvious if you’re thinking out of the box, you are going to have some flaws so find out the one and eradicate it and assure that it does not happen again.


Bharat : How your company is helping India to grow?

Akash : We as a Start-up totally wants the people of India to be experience the quality and enjoy the facility at their doorstep. So that they can save their time and money which can be utilised in various other activities.

People of India really need an applause as they are highly updated and really appreciate for the good work. I really want to thank all the 1500 + customers we have served them with all our service during the first year of our journey and also for the lessons we have learnt from them.

Hope they will support us in future as well.


Bharat : What is your message to young entrepreneurs?

Akash :  My message to young entrepreneur is that if you have any idea go there and try it. It will really help you grow and transform into very dynamic personality. So there is a very less difference between Wantepreneur and an Entrepreneur. Hope you get it what I am trying to convey.

Entrepreneurial journey is not easy and charming as we observe on the social media but full of surprises filled with Ups and Downs. Never Lose Hope and take leap of faith to fulfil all the dreams.

Hare Krishna!

The interview is first officially published on Bharat Go Digital