23 major projects has been listed by the Defense Ministry from the three armed forces— from UAVs, glide bombs to underwater systems and tank engines – it will earmark for the Indian companies under the Make in India category.

The list, which has recently been drawn up by the ministry in consultation with the three armed forces, for the first time. The list shares details of the needs in the coming years as well the schedule for acquisition, things that were shrouded in secrecy in the past. The defense minister Manohar Parrikar is running the new – found openness who has stepped up outreach and is in regular touch with industry bodies and major companies indulged in military manufacturing.

The top projects that have been listed out are

  • 125mm smooth bore gun barrel for battle tanks
  • Targets for torpedo firing
  • Advance pilotless target aircraft
  • Mine layers and diesel engines for naval boats

A ministry of defense concept note reads:

“Interested Indian companies are requested to carry out preliminary assessment regarding their technical capability to undertake these projects and economic viability of the project.”

Experts warn that the ministry may need to help the industry further in terms of assistance in technology acquisitons.

Ankur Gupta, Vice President Defence at EY India says :

“The authorities should offer the requisite technology or else at least help the potential bidders in getting the same, without which these programs will be challenging to execute for the domestic private industry.”

Source :  Economic Times