Bolstering Make in India’s indigenization drive for the defence sector, Essar Steel is amongst the first Indian companies to develop high performance bullet proof steel, joining an elite club of limited global manufacturers.

With hardness levels exceeding 500 BHN (Brinell Hardness Number) and the ability to resist bullets travelling at the speeds of 700-800 m/sec, this newly developed high-grade steel is a valuable addition to India’s defence repertoire.

It has a burgeoning market potential and can be used as protective shields or structures in civilian and security vehicles.

Previously manufactured under restrictive technology transfer agreements with other nations or imported, domestic manufacturing of this superior quality product will only abridge India’s reliance on imported steel.

Essar Steel has been a notable contributor to India’s defence sector musts, supplying a range of tough and ultra tough steel grades used in building warships and heavy armoured vehicles.