Why Indian Start-ups Need to Invest in Regional Languages


Regional level market place works on several different parameters when compare to a nationwide or international business. Therefore it becomes important to understand the regional markets and then start from the bottom.

Regional markets have their own trusted brands, method of selling, trust and a customer base that is very strong. Therefore, it is important to understand the basis of such loyalty and how regional marketing works .

Regional Markets always have a pattern even in digital web space from the local markets. In a recent survey on digital marketing regionally, following information were revealed :

  • Almost 60% of users in urban India access online content in Hindi, followed by Tamil and Marathi
  • 88% Indians are non-English speakers (FICCI KPMG report)
  • 127 Million Indians consume content in local languages (IAMAI +IMRB Report)

If these statics don’t make you re-think how you should be utilizing local languages in your website, app or portal, then nothing would. For a majority part, customers and consumers in India relay on local languages.

Audiences Define the Language

The Internet in its totality runs on English. This makes sense on the surface of it – language’s primary purpose is to communicate with others, and if your language is restricted to a smaller audience then the purpose of communications is ruined.

English is a universal language and efforts should, in theory, be made by everyone to adopt it for the sake of simplicity, people have a lot of religious, cultural, national and self-pride associated with their language and this switch takes time.

A growing population believed their local language helped them be more grammatically correct in their communication with others.

Facebook accounts for the highest usage of regional language adoption amongst other social networks.
Countries like Brazil, India, Mexico, Indonesia and regions in Africa are seeing a rapid growth in Facebook users.

Top Languages Used In India

The most popular regional language is Hindia, followed by Bengali, Telugu, Marathi and finally Urdu. 41% of the Indian population using Hindi is a very large statistic that’s difficult to ignore for entrepreneurs and start-ups alike.

Trend Analysis

Trend of the local language being used by the Indians is growing at a consistent rate keeping pace with the increasing Internet users of India. This is important for those establishing their start-ups right now or in the near future to consider.

According to MindShift Metrics,

The number of local language users can increase by 42% by December 2016 and possible have a 22% growth in active Internet users.

Source : www.entrepreneur.com