According to some of the valid tips we have received, Possible Fraud company Ringing Bell might be running a large possibility of a SCAM going on in the name of Cheapest mobile phone in India – Freedom251 for Rs. 251 only.

Its a very new company with no details available, and only having 4-5 page website. The company established Sept 2015 only and the website purchased this month only. Its 100% scam in name of cheap mobiles. Same company( sold smart phone for Rs. 2999 this month on Feb 2 – 10 and people have not got even order confirmation. No response from company in this matter and no numbers are working. Emails are bounced back. People are complaining they have been scammed on this phone and now the company is coming with almost similar specification phone (3G instead of 4G) for Rs. 251 only, which looks a SCAM only. So just beware of it.

Its pretty easy to scam in this manner, 251*1,00,000 =251,00,000 That’s 2.51 Cr and with this price tag of Rs 251 for such smart phone, people can think of forgetting Rs 251and purchase. Company will take 2.51 Cr rupees just by creating 4-5 page website and some marketing online. People will also not complain for fraud as they will think its ok, the amount is not big just Rs. 251.So just BEWARE. Don’t loose your Rs.251 also.Company is starting booking from tomorrow 6.00 AM. Hope my post is read by more people and more people are saved. Please do share.

Source : WebCrunches