#Freedom651 –  Spoof on #Freedom251

A spoof website has been created on #Freedom251. Get the new Freedom651 . It is launched with awesome features.

The phone is made of components found only on planet MARS. That is the reason we have been able to maintain this low cost.

Connect your phone to a charger. Connect your phone to another charger. No other phone gives you such wonderful options to choose from. You can even connect to another person through a call.

You will have all the time in the world to explore until Freedom 651 reaches you in 2026. Until then, you can try exploring Maharashtra or places near pune.

The first phone to have a facial recognition feature which identifies dissatisfaction and automatically sends a “You are out of range” signal to the other side and drops the call.

An inbuilt smart voice recognition feature which identifies “Aur Bholo” in 27 different languages and then drops the call if it is mentioned three times.

And finally we know the name of Andriod’s 26.2 version name also. It is Zucchini. It will be available early 2026.

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And their delivery time is also not much. Just 10 years.


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