indian railway


1 No hike in passenger fares.

2 Action initiated on 139 budget announcements made last year.

3 By 2020 eliminate all unmanned level crossings.

4 Swacch Bharat : 17000 bio toilets and additional toilets in 475 stations before the end of this financial year .

5 Increase in quota for senior citizens and women travelers this year.

6 WiFi at 100 stations this year and another 400 stations next year.

7 Enhanced capacity of e-ticketing system from 2,000 tickets per minute to 7,200 per minute. Supporting 1.2 Lakhs  concurrent users now, as opposed to 40,000 earlier.

8 In a phased manner all major stations to be brought under CCTV surveillance.

9 Deen Dayal coaches for long distance trains for unreserved passengers.

10 In a phased manner IRCTC to manage catering service. Local cuisine of choice will be made available to passengers.

11 Request through SMS for cleaning of toilets.

12 Children’s menu, baby boards, baby foods to be made available for travelling mothers.

13 GPS-based digital display in coaches to show upcoming stations.

14 Help line number 139 will also be open for cancellation facility.

15 Introduction of bar coded tickets on pilot basis to tackle menace of ticket less travel.


Source : @avinashchoubey