New Delhi, November 28, 2017 — Author Raj’s latest book “First Love, At Last” has just been released exclusively on After five books that belonged to various avenues like Science-Fiction, Thriller, Apocalypse, and Fictional Biography, this sixth book focuses on the subtle things of life. This book is sure to touch a nerve with every person who has a failed ‘First Love’ story to recount.

Detailing the frailities and materialism that have crept into love in the modern age, the book is about the love life of Karan, the main protagonist, and slowly swerves to become a Love Triangle between him, his wife Ira, and his girlfriend Priya.

But, it ends on an unexpected and interesting note. “First Love, At Last” is currently available only in E-Book format but would soon be available in Print too. It can be found on Amazon at