How to Get Rid of Bad Backlinks in the Simplest Possible Way

There are a number of ways to get rid of spammy backlinks. Getting rid of spammy backlinks makes us sure that we won’t be penalized by Google.

How to Find the Backlinks Pointing to your website ?

This can be done by using the tools present online. Open Site Explorer is a great tool available online for this purpose. It’s a MOz Product and is authentic and trustable. It will also show domain authority and page authority.

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Here when you will type the name of your website and click on Search, you will get the the total no of backlinks ( every tool shows a different number ) and backlinks pointing to the site.

How to Remove the BackLinks :

There are again 2 ways for this. One way is to contact the site webmasters and ask them to delete the links which are pointing to your website. This may be a time taking procedure and depends on the mood of the site’s webmaster. He may or may not remove the link.


Other is to take the help of Google Search Console. Use disavow tool from google. Read this article from Google to use disavow tool effectively.