A conversation with Dipyaman Baral & Saurabh Gupta : Director, Co-founder of Adas Technologiess

Dipyaman Baral

Dipyaman Baral : Director, Co-founder

How your company started?

Ans. Four friends started discussion in a tea stall outside IIT Madras Velachery gate in 2005 Oct and instantly thought of having their own organization. In 2006 Dipyaman came to Delhi joining Alcatel ADI Labs and initiated the registration process. ADAS was initially of four of them.
Though the company got registered on 29th Aug 2006 but it was actually started from 8th Aug 2008 when four of them became serious and quit their respective jobs.

What was the vision behind it?

Ans. As every startup organization in 2008 ADAS also started with a vision to be a world class IT services company and transform businesses radically by adding value to the prime objective.

Very soon ADAS started working in private as well as government sector making a very good step hold in service industry and grown from fantastic four to an army of 37 by 2009 end but making something unique which can change life of mass was missing. So changed the vision of service based organization to product based.

In 2010 when everyone was taking about cloud based products ADAS was already having cloud based first educational ERP solution with a S-a-a-S based business model.

Describe the services that you offer to your customers and in what way they are unique?

Ans. Achievements of the company:
7 Years in Service
250+ Clients in Service Domain
Managing Government Projects like NIXI, Ministry of IT, ISPAI, GAC, TRAI, Afilias, CCAOI
150+ institutions using our educational ERP IMSLive
20+ corporates using our HR ERP 33Cubical
4 ERP suites (IMSLive School, IMSLive Institute, 33Cubical, HouzeDat)

All our ERP is integrated with various 3rd party hardware’s for actual automation.

Our ERP solution is for everyone. We have client with 100 students in remote areas to international schools in metros. We worked with a purpose to provide technology to everyone and improve the education standard of our country with affordable cost but no compromise with innovation.

Difficulties which you have faced or you are facing.

Ans. Being the 1st cloud based educational ERP solution all big players backed us. We were happy that HCL Learning and Wipro are selling our products and Tata pursuing us to buy. But suddenly this became bad when even HCL Learning wanted to buy our products. The money amount was big but this brought the dispute in the organization.

Now two of the fantastic four wanted to sell the product and two wanted to have it. Suddenly a happy family became a war zone and at last two AA of ADAS left the organization leaving behind D and S.

This was not enough, those big players started playing pressure game and from 37 we became 6, almost back to zero. But this 6 was our avengers where losing was not an option so one fine day started again with a motto “nothing can be worse than this so from now onward everything will be only good, thus shade all worries and start afresh”. In last 4 years ADAS came up with 4 ERP solutions putting their foot hold in education, real estate, food and HRMS, doubling the revenue every year and thinking something new & innovative every day.

Mr. Saurabh Gupta

Saurabh Gupta, : Director, Co-founder


How your company is helping India to grow?

Ans. We have built all our products with sole purpose to make a system which can be Automated with various functionality, Integrated with smart technology and hardware, Empower administration with real-time information and Connect all stakeholders.

Initially we started to build an educational ERP solution which any institution can use irrespective of size and location and improve the educational quality. We also provided structured e-leaning material giving free access to mass.

Every quarter we try to build something new which can shift the orbit of innovation with lowest possible cost.

In term of features we are providing the maximum with 39 modules and 150+ tools, in terms of cost we are flexible when similar products come up with different subscription packages, we offer our customers to pick and select the features individually so that they do not have to pay for what they do not need.

In terms of implementation we are very much prompt and in terms of support we are always ready to help, customize and upgrade not only to institutes but also to every stakeholders like parents, students and alumni.

Similarly, we have developed our HRMS system where even a company with size of 10 can use the best and grow. As everyone have the right to use the best of technologies and grow.

Our application is used by HCL Healthcare in one end with more than 500 employees and also by a small but growing organization like ArchSoft.

Realizing that unlike schools, society is an unstructured phenomenon that requires automated collection of data such as clear entry & exit log through hardware, ADAS’ HouzeDat, a SaaS-based comprehensive Society management system, provides high-end performance and unbreakable security to any Apartment Association or Cooperative Housing Society.

Renowned for building a single solution/platform for client’s all requirements across operations, ADAS has added over 20 modules including inventory manager, feedback & complaint, facility manager, online payments of bills, e-Commerce, networking and security among others in HouzeDat.

An amalgamation of its blockbuster ERPs – IMSLive (institution management system for school, institute and university) and 33Cubical (HR management system), ADAS will soon launch a platform to connect all three dimensions of the ecosystem – Management, End User and various Service Providers where from a single platform users can fulfill every need of life.

Your view on Startup India Campaign

Ans. Startup India Campaign is the best initiative by any of the Indian Government. Indian are born makers and with little support and recognition we can build wonders and examples are all around us in last few years.

Message to entrepreneurs.

Ans. Learn to be happy in whatever circumstance you are in. You cannot climb a mountain if you will not risk a fall.