Vineet Arya, CEO Outsourced CMO

How your company started?


I started this concept of “Outsourced CMO’ in April 2014.

I am a veteran in Marketing, communications & branding with an experience of more than 20 years, having worked with MNC’s like AMD, SanDisk , Tata Power Solar , Publics , Accor Group etc.

While I was working with one of the large companies as Head Marketing one of my friend approached me to help in marketing for his start up. Since he was my close friend so I started to help him in marketing his product on a voluntary basis.

Later on I realized that there will be lot of other start-ups who in the early stage would also be wanting support on Marketing, communications, branding etc, so I thought why don’t I help them in a more professional & structured way.

Hence the origination of “Outsourced CMO” model.

What was the vision behind it?

The one prime vision behind this concept is:

“Help Start-ups manage marketing / communications / branding without having a need to hire an experienced CMO.”

This helps the start-up save huge cost on manpower which can otherwise be utilized in their business.

What your company actually do?

An entrepreneur having a limited marketing budget going through some of the questions in mind :

  • Should I hire a Marketing Manager?
  • Should I manage marketing myself
  • Should I use agencies to manage marketing?
  • I have some team members who can do marketing but who will guide them?
  • What would be the best way to market my product / services when I do not have million dollars to spend on marketing?

There might be many more questions storming the mind of entrepreneur.

This is when we come into the picture where we work as Virtual CMO managing the complete marketing objectives of a start-up.

The model works exactly in same way as the CMO being employed by any start-up instead that we don’t get a salary but we get monthly fees.

This is a typical plug & play model where the start up wants to initiate marketing campaigns they can call us & if they want a break from the campaign then we discontinue our services & come back again whenever the campaigns need to be initiated.

This gives the entrepreneur the flexibility in managing marketing & saves in manpower cost.

Difficulties which you have faced or you are facing.

I have had huge acceptance for this concept since the past 2 years of my launch as 4 start ups have used the services of Outsourced CMO without hiring any marketing team.

The major difficulty i face is that sometimes entrepreneur mistakes me as a marketing consultant, whereas we are much more than a consultant.

We not only help entrepreneur build a solid marketing plan or strategy but we also ensure the execution of the same with the help of external vendors/ agencies that are on our panel.

How your company is helping India to grow?

India today is growing a tremendous pace in terms of business & the start-up industry has a huge contribution in the growth story of our country

Our PMO himself acknowledges this fact & has created a separate fund for the same.

The whole objective of the government is to ensure that they want more & more unicorn start-ups to emerge from India. If this is to happen then we need to build a strong ecosystem where the start-ups reaches the unicorn level much faster than before.

Veterans like me can play a huge role in building an ecosystem for start-ups so that they can scale faster & also our expertise can be put to good use for the benefit of start-ups thus indirectly benefiting the industry & country.

View on Startup India Campaign

I think this was much awaited campaign which should have been done long time back so that would have more of unicorn companies like Flipkart, Inmobi etc. coming out of India & make a global name for themselves.

For the start-ups to succeed there are many external factors which plays a major role like taxation, ease of funding, investment policies , etc.

Entrepreneurs typically have very little role to play here as these are determined by the government.

I am personally very excited that the government has recognized the importance of start-ups & created a solid plan under “Start-up India” which not only provides financial but logistics support as well. This will take lot of load from an entrepreneur & focus on his core business.

There is lot more that can be done for the start-ups which I am sure the government would address basis the feedback they would continuously receive from the various stake holders in the start up ecosystem.

Message to young entrepreneurs.

India is a country of youth & this is a best advantage any country can have.

One of the best utilization of the youth is to create something unique which directly affects the life of a billions of people in India & across the globe

Most of the unicorn start-ups in India was started by our young entrepreneurs which testifies to fact that age or experience is not a hindrance to create million-dollar business.

My only key messages to young entrepreneur is :

“Don’t wait for anything to happen, start early only if you have a solid plan to execute. There is a huge gap in India in terms of solving people day to day work life management, so identify those & work on the same, business proposition will come into it automatically as we keep on addressing these issues.”

Last of all we professionals are there to support in your journey to build another unicorn start up from India so don’t be shy of asking help or support.

You can connect to him on Linkedin.