About the Company

 Happy Beverages and Foods Pvt. Ltd. (HB&FPL) is in the pursuit of happiness, to create quality milk and spread happiness amongst our farmers, their cattle, consumers and the team that makes it happen. We have launched a pure cow milk brand ‘woohoo doodh’ in May 2015, with a promise to home deliver within 24 hours of milking with 0% preservatives.  

Woohoo Doodh

woohoo doodh is a pure, cow milk brand with a promise to home deliver within 24 hours of milking with 0% preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics or hormones. Followed by thorough research on how the dairy system operates, woohoo doodh was born to bring in the effective change to create quality milk with farmers.

“woohoo” is an expression of happiness that we create across the ecosystem or the value chain. (farmers, their cattle, consumers and the team that makes it happen)

So What’s Done Differently

@ Farms (owned by farmers – selected based on woohoo set standards):
– Cows are left free to graze, and all nature-aligned practices are followed.

– No hormones administered for an extra yield of milk.

– Cows are given a balanced diet and farm grown fresh fodder free of chemicals.

– Milked using comfortable, hygienic milking machine.

– Cows are given purified water to drink to prevent waterborne diseases.

– Farmers get paid at least 20% more price per litre than a regular cooperative dairy like an Amul.

@ Processing & Packaging

– No preservatives or chemicals added.

– Homogenized and pasteurized milk fit for direct consumption.

– Best-in-class machinery used.

– Rable Top: 1st in India to launch eco-friendly, paper-based milk cartons used globally.

@Consumer convenience

– Home delivered within 24 hours of milking in insulated bags between 5am-9am 

– The milk that comes in the morning is fresh and can be consumed directly without boiling straight from the carton.

– Easy online payment.

– Prepaid, subscription model and monthly-itemized bill.

– Pack back: we collect the empty milk cartons from your door-step on a daily basis.


Why this Business?


We believe that there is a huge opportunity in the for fresh milk consumption in India.  After thorough research of the dairy ecosystem, we found out that in India more 60% milk is adulterated. Even National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) validates our research.


There is now a discerning consumer who is willing to pay for good quality milk and hence has created a new space of fresh, pure milk in dairy.


India is predominantly a vegetarian country that is developing.

Milk constitutes a major source of dietary protein in an average Indian Family

In a developing country, the protein consumption constantly increases.


Value Created


We have about 1500 families who have become happier after consuming woohoo doodh.

Mother doesn’t have to run around the children for milk anymore, as the milk tastes much more yummy.

There are some cancer patients who have started consuming woohoo as its fresh and free of chemicals

People intolerant of milk have started consuming milk as woohoo doodh is free of preservatives.


Funding and Investment Partner


Woohoo doodh had an investing partner and got seed funding done by Mr. Sujit Jain, founder of Netsurf Network.



The Team


Woohoo has a self-motivated and energetic team lead by Rahul Uppal (Founder). Rohini Unnikrishnan (Co-founder), Salil goyal and Harmandeep Singh Sokhi who are partners in the team.

The team has had stints with MNC’s before like Infosys, GE, Accenture, ESSAR and have pursued MBA from Symbiosis Pune. Rohini has already delivered a TEDx talk, and Harman has come from managing his internship with woohoo for a year on the weekend while he had a full-time job at an MNC.


Consumers Testimonials


Tanveen Dugal – “From a person who never liked milk and now somebody who happily drinks it without adding any flavour to it, says a lot about the taste and quality of the milk. Thank you Woohoo! For once, there’s a brand that can be trusted completely 🙂


Komal Mehta  – We don’t like any other smelly milk, we say yehooo only to woohoo!!’

‘Before smelly milk was a big no no,
Now we look for only one milk you know!
We get sad when Woohoo is over,
We are the family of Woohoo lovers!!’


Siddharth Kothari – Growing up in a village, woohoo brings the same taste of fresh, unadulterated milk one can ask for


Hari Haran  – Is happy that when he wakes up in the morning, fresh milk is there at the doorstep.  


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