Nomadly Co-Founders - Rohan (L) and Sharath (R)

Nomadly Co-Founders – Rohan (L) and Sharath (R)

The number of travelers has been growing at a breakneck speed particularly over the few years, and with it, the travel industry. This rise can be attributed to growing incomes, increased access to technology, and the availability of important elements we would need for travel – transport, accommodation – online.

Booking travel tickets and accommodations through online portals and apps has become the norm among people. But as with modern inconveniences, travelers have to wade through several websites and go through several steps to get these in order. Particularly for those looking to get away on a weekend or a frequent business traveller, this means more work.

Enter Nomadly, to cater to this growing number of tech-savvy travelers, Bangalore-based Rohan Ramdas and Sharath Iyengar have co-developed India’s first mobile chat personal travel booking service which assists customers while booking travel tickets and accommodations without having to waste time visiting several websites.

What’s different about Nomaldy from the rest of the other travel apps is the human touch incorporated into the application. With just a few texts stating customers’ requirements for their travel, the chat-based app responds to their requests with the best options to pick from in minutes making travel plan a simple affair.

Sharath shares,

“Building something from scratch and calling it my own has always been my dream. The entire journey and freedom to work on my own terms is what makes it worth for me. My entrepreneurial journey has thought me much and translated a lot into learning about the world, its people  and most importantly, myself. With Nomadly, my goal is to nurture it as a brand which exuberates passion to assist and help people travel and explore the world. With Nomadly, I also hope to help them understand travel is more than just a 2 day off from work but a lot more!”

Nomadly seeks to engage customers to communicate using the app in the same way they interact with their friends and everyone else. Acting as your personal assistant who takes care of all your travel needs, the app offers customers a new way to travel stress-free by offering them travel booking for airlines, buses, cabs, and accommodations with just a few texts.

Nomadly’s plan is to help people have a stress free vacation even during a rushed trip. The app guarantees an easy and peaceful travel planning experience, and is sure to remove all the complexity of arranging for travels which might end up ruining the travel mood.

You can download the app on Google Play Store or enjoy the same chat-book facilities on their mobile website

This article was officially provided by Nomadly Team.