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Frrole is a global social intelligence company that helps marketing teams gain consumer insights that are otherwise extremely hard to obtain. The social intelligence engine that powers Frrole has the aptitude to analyse hundreds of millions of data pieces in real-time. Frrole performs extensive analysis across semantic, metadata and statistical dimensions to deliver accurate insights to its customers.

frrole CEO

Amarpreet Kalkat, CEO at Frrole

Headed by Amarpreet Kalkat, Frrole was founded in 2014 with a vision to help marketing professionals across the globe to take smart business decisions using contextual insights from the real-time, large scale, reliable social data. Frrole boasts of customers from fortune 500 companies to top global media and advertising agencies including Unilever, Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, Mindshare, Grey Worldwide, Zoom TV, Times Now, Group M, UB Group, Flipkart, Atlantic Records and Maxus to name a few.

Frrole spent 4 months at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator as part of its 3rd batch in Bangalore, India. The company has raised an angel round of $245k led by angel investors in 2014.

Frrole was among the “16 Coolest Startups in India” in 2014, an annual ranking published by Business Today.

Frrole is proudly India’s most successful social intelligence companies with next generation data analytics aptitude. And hence putting India on world map as a big contributor in the big social data intelligence space.

Says Amarpreet Kalkat, CEO at Frrole,

“Social listening tells you about the social media conversations happening around brands or products. We use these conversations to tell you what is truly happening inside your business. At Frrole, we have always hoped to become the Google of the social web”.

Amarpreet’s message to the young entrepreneurs of India,

“Plan, Commit and Stick to your vision. When we started Frrole, there were market challenges of even selling the basic value of social insights. But we as a team, had relentless faith in our technology and deep product intelligence. And today we are on a  growth spree not just in India but also in a country like USA. My urge to the young and passionate entrepreneurs is to keep moving progressively from one milestone to another without being distracted with all the noise and challenges around.”

This story was officially provided by Frrole team.