Get a step ahead and grab the attention of your prospective clients with a digital version of the printed brochure!

Now that it is tried and tested with the pundits of marketing, a video is a medium class apart to convey your business to masses, cheaper and quicker. Hence a better visibility will bring up more prospects and potential business opportunity conversions. With just one time investment it invokes a greater influence, digitally and in a much entertaining way.

Why not add value to the investment you intend to do and get a video made out of that brochure.

Remember your brochures can make a great recipe for a captivating videos and an attractive way to bring in new business opportunities from far out locations. Hence will be a great addition into your digital arsenal to fill the void where printed editions cant reach. Isn’t that a great idea to turn your business global with least investment?

We have done that for numerous clients now of whom even we do not keep a count; and these clients are now losing count of how many inquiries they are getting each day.

Our process is simple:

  1. You send us brochure and its source files

  2. Create the video with visual effects added

  3. Deliver you a digital version of the brochure you had some time ago.

 It will be both easy and economical to get in touch with your clients that way.

Don’t believe it? Try it!

In this festive season, we are offering up to 2 minutes of a brochure video, or digital brochure as we may call it, at just INR 15000.

You may find the samples of the work in the links here: