Get Hassle-Free & Efficient Hiring from TalView #StartupIndia

Talview, a video interview platform which helps employers build a high performing workforce by reaching out to and screening more candidates using lesser time and resources than traditional hiring processes. It has served clients across 102 countries and its client list includes many leading organizations like ABB, Avery Dennison, Cognizant, GlaxoSmithKline, NTT Group, Tata Group, Unicef, VF Corporation and Wipro.

Talview’s vision is to leverage technology, especially video and mobile, to create equal opportunities and level playing field for applicants in hiring and make hiring more efficient and effective. To build technologies help break barriers, overcome discrimination, bridge urban-rural divide, provide similar opportunities to candidates across geographies, help administer comprehensive assessments, create fair and objective evaluation tools is their ultimate aim.

Co-founders of Talview are :

Sanjoe Tom Jose CEO, Co-Founder

Tom Jose Co-founder

Jobin Jose Co-founder

Subramanian K Co-founder

They are getting their investments from Mayfield and VentureNursery (VN).