CEO, Mr. Prashant Kumar

 BGD : How your company started?

Mr. Prashant : When experimenting with new technologies and stuff, data crawling and extraction caught our attention. It was not easy to acquire web data in an easy to use format back then.

We realized that there is growing demand for data in the market. When the web kept growing into a huge data repository by each passing day, businesses wanted to collect and use this data for analysis.

The sources of data were few and acquisition was a big pain point. This is what motivated us to start a DaaS company that can provide ready to consume data to businesses in need of it. That’s how PromptCloud was started.

BGD : What was the vision behind it?

Mr. Prashant : The vision is to help drive the future data driven world with our high end technology stack by helping companies with the data acquisition. Big data and IoT is already changing our world and we are glad to be in the driver’s seat during this change.

Our mission is to transform old fashioned businesses into data powered businesses that are more efficient and beneficial to every party involved.


Prompt Cloud Team

BGD : What are the difficulties which you have faced or you are facing?

Mr. Prashant : Since growth and modification of our platform was gradual based on the solution’s need, we actually never faced a make or break situation from technology standpoint.

But given that ours is tech infrastructure heavy product and web keeps changing, leaving out old solutions and moving to new ones every now and then to keep the infra usage optimal has been a constant ask.

Every time you scale by an order of magnitude (or even 5 times), new issues become visible from the optimization and cost point and we have to continuously keep an eye on those. We realized early on the key was to adapt to the changes rather than resist them. If any further issues arise, we try to work around them or with them than making it a barrier in our quest for success.

BGD : How your company is helping India to grow?

Mr. Prashant : We help businesses get more competitive by deriving competitive intelligence from the data that we provide. When data is used, a company can achieve its highest level of efficiency. This gradually converts into customer satisfaction which would make the business a successful one. When we help businesses in India find success, we are helping India grow.

BGD : Your message to young entrepreneurs.

Mr. Prashant : My message to young entrepreneurs is

Keep experimenting and never be afraid to make the first move. The journey to success might not be an easy one, but it’s definitely worth it.