Mr. Ravi Mittal, CEO of Quack Quack

1. Tell us about your startup? Is there a unique problem, the startup is solving?

Online dating can exhaustive for users. Add to that the issues with creeps, fake profiles, abuse, unmoderated photos and content and on top of this the chances of getting responses are very rare which drains you out.

We at QuackQuack.in, aim to solve this problem by allowing only screened, verified and moderated profiles and aim at getting maximum responses to users while spending lesser time on our app. There should be one dating app for Indians which eventually works and that is QuackQuack.

2. What got you to startup? Tell us the story before starting up? ( Any anecdotes)

I started working at the age of 16 with my father in his business. I was managing our automobile batteries manufacturing business. Eventually, my social circle shrunk and I was out looking to make new friends or find a date online in 2010. To my surprise, there were hardly any dating platforms dedicated to Indians. Most of people I knew would flock to Facebook, Shaadi.com, etc to find someone or some shady US dating site which had numbered Indian users. That is when I thought of building a dating platform which would be dedicated to singles in India where finding a genuine date would be easy. Thus came the idea of QuackQuack. I knew my passion was towards building this platform than focusing in our family business. My parents supported me and I immediately rented out a 2BHK and hired a small development team in-house and started building QuackQuack.

3. Tell us about the addressable market and underlying opportunity you are going after.

We have crossed a total of 1.4 million registrations on QuackQuack this month. We added 800,000 users alone in last 12 months which shows the tremendous growth opportunity we have. We are aiming to add 5 million users in the next 3 years.
The opportunity with online dating in India has just begun to see light as we are seeing the avg. Age of our users dropping from 29 yrs to 27 yrs in the last few years. And with millennials turning 18 in three years from now, dating will be the first priority for single Indians.

4. Tell us about your team, how did the co-founders come together? (Any anecdotes)

The team comprises of me (Ravi Mittal, single founder) and I have a dedicated and expert team (a total of 15 members) of developers, designers, UI / UX guys, moderators, digital marketing team where some have earlier worked with bigger companies and some with startups.

5. Some exciting learnings/moments in your journey so far which you would like to share with all of us. Also some mistakes that you made and learnt.

Quite a few actually:
1. Telling elders about what I do is always a difficult task. Most of them do not understand dating. So, I have to tell them that we are like a matrimonial portal without the matrimony!
2. We have had candidates who rejected us looking at our small office. We have now moved to a better office since then!
3. One person rejected working with us since he felt ‘dating’ was against the culture.
4. We were offered in-movie branding in the movie Bang Bang where Katrina Kaif finds this guy on a dating site. Since we did not have so much money to invest in this, we had to let go of it!

6. What can we expect from you in the coming months?

We’ve been quite agile when it comes to changes and updates and have been adapting to the changing scenario of user requirements and how they use our app. We’re going to launch our iOS app soon. We’ll also be launching in-app calling for users who have matched, matching user traits, personalities and much more.

7. What keeps you excited? What’s the big drive you are going after?

I was always passionate about building something in the consumer internet space. Dating excites me as I love it when users meet on our app. When we get messages from users thanking us saying they met their date on QuackQuack, it brings a smile on our face and this is what motivates us and keeps us going.

8. What metrics do you follow? (MoM, QoQ, YoY growth)

Some important metrics which are important to us are YoY growth in user sign-ups.
On a month on month basis, we closely monitor app installs, male to female ratio, no. of users getting responses, no. of messages and chats exchanged.How the startup is funded or is it bootstrapped?
We are currently bootstrapped and preparing ourselves for funding.


9. Could you tell us more about your clients? Any traction which you’re seeing in this front. (numbers)

1. We have served about 5.1 Million pageviews on website last month
2. We have got 4.0 Million screenviews on the app last month
3. On avg. 1.41 Million chats exchanged per month on our web and app
4. Average age of our users: 27 yrs
5. An average user spends 10-12 minutes on the website everyday while on the app, a user spends slightly more time with multiple sessions on a day.
6. Desktop Vs Mobile traffic: 55 % Desktop : 45 % Mobile (which includes mobile web and app)
7. Most active userbase: 1. Delhi 2. Bangalore 3. Hyderabad 4. Mumbai
8. Most active Tier-II cities: 1. Ahmedabad 2. Chandigarh 3. Jaipur 4. Lucknow
9. Most male users prefer asking for the phone number of female users as they begin the conversation. Female users, however, prefer sharing their Facebook profile as they chat.

10. Your take on competition?

There were and there are quite many dating sites and apps. When we started out, we saw many funded sites and apps like Stepout, Twomangoes, Twine, etc come and go. I can only say that some apps are surviving on PR, some are good with their user strategy, some are only focused on showing fake growth. I believe, the startup which eventually serves their customers right will win.

11. What is your differentiator amongst the quagmire of dating applications today in the market?

We’re focused on matching users from the same age group and interests. We also prefer matching users from the same city > state > region > country – in that order. We are very strict about moderation on our app. All photos, content is moderated before they go live on the app and users have to verify their profiles while registering. We decline any low quality photos and content and let users know. This helps them build a better profile. We also have automatic algorithms to detect abuse and spam and we monitor any flagged content and take action immediately. This helps us minimize spam and abuse on our platform.


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