Smergers Co-founders : Vishal and Krishna

BGD : How your company started?


Vishal : I used to work with an Investment Bank which primarily assisted only large companies with M&A and Fund raising. Realized Investment banking, as an industry, was not accessible by Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). The business model of an IBank is not feasible to serve small sized businesses.

Being a tech enthusiast it felt like a different model based on technology could be adopted to serve SMEs in a cost effective manner and that’s when SMERGERS started.

BGD : What was the vision behind it?

Vishal : Vision was to ensure that all the formal SMEs, whether a small shop on your street with 10 lakh turnover or a professionally managed BPO services company with 50 crore revenue should be able to access Investment Banking services. That would be bring a level playing field between SMEs and Large Corporate firms as such strategic tools were only accessible by large cos.

BGD : What your company actually do?

Vishal : SMERGERS is a simple online platform for businesses to register and connect with investors and acquirers for their business.

Entrepreneurs, within matter of few minutes, at the convenience of their office/home can connect with business partners from across the globe. This global network has been well curated and filtered by our analyst team.

BGD : Difficulties which you have faced or you are facing.

Vishal : Changing the traditional mindset of business owners has been the most challenging job so far. Many business owners expect us to visit their office personally and manage their deal manually. I’m sure soon they will realize the advantages of an automated platform and the huge network it can offer, with top notch security and privacy features, compared to doing a deal in the traditional time consuming and expensive manner.

BGD : How your company is helping India to grow

Vishal : One of the first transactions we did was a sale of a soon to be shutdown restaurant to an NRI. Once the deal was closed, the business owner told me if he had not found a buyer, the restaurant would have been closed leading to around 20 people losing jobs, a few thousand people losing their favorite restaurant, and an investment capital of around half a crore lost forever.

At the same time the buyer found his passion towards Food & Beverage fulfilled with this takeover. This was a small transaction which made a difference to so many people. As a platform we are able to do this on a daily basis across the country in different industries and this is what keeps us going.

BGD : Message to young entrepreneurs.

Vishal : Many entrepreneurs jump into a business opportunity because its a trend. Soon they realize they are not passionate about that industry and the startup gradually winds up. From my experience,

Whatever the industry is, if the entrepreneur picks an industry he is passionate about, it highly likely that the business will succeed.