KleverKid started in 2014 with a vision to bridge the gap between the best after-school programs and tutors and children everywhere. Here is a small interaction with them.

How was your company started?

Shabnam Aggarwal, having worked in the education technology domain in India for over 5 years with companies such as Pearson, Datawind (Aakash tablet), and a Nokia funded startup called MILLEE, saw an unfulfilled need for parents to find better teachers for their kids.

After understanding parents’ needs, she approached academies with her solution: a marketplace for parents and academies to connect, enroll, and leave feedback about their experiences. Within 6 months of launch, KleverKid was able to build a niche in the market.

What was the vision behind it?

KleverKid is an innovative platform making it ridiculously simple for parents to find classes for kids. KleverKid helps parents find and enroll in the best after-school classes for their kids.

KleverKid gives parents a mobile one-stop-shop to find and enroll in these classes, making their lives simpler while ensuring their children get the highest quality teachers available in their area.

Describe the services that you offer to your customers and in what way they are unique?

Our goal is to democratize learning.

We believe no matter what age, race, religion, or social class a child comes from, they each deserve the best teachers that exist.

Our team of activity counselors headed by Mehul Jindal, directly talk with parents to understand their needs and to serve them better. By providing the highest quality information and feedback to parents across the nation, we believe we can help influence important decisions in a positive way, and thus, bring the best teachers to the children who need them the most.

Difficulties which you have faced or you are facing.

The major issue  which we faced was acceptance by merchants. It was difficult because the merchants were not very accustomed to the process and they were willing to stick with their conventional way of connecting with parents.

Another major challenge was to gain the trust of parents because many parents often rely on their word-of-mouth networks to make these vital decisions for their children, leaving them with poor quality teachers or forcing them to travel long distances to find the best classes for their child’s needs.

How your company is helping India to grow?

The biggest concern for young parents is to put their kids in the best, most-suited programs that will shape their kids for life after school.

Our company has helped thousands of parents access better classes for their children, and plans to help millions more over the course of the next year, growing its business from Delhi NCR to all Tier 1 cities across India.

Your view on Startup India campaign

We have a very positive outlook towards Startup India campaign. We believe it helps small or medium size start-ups to grow faster and achieve their full potential. It also helps young entrepreneurs who have the passion to build something from scratch, realize their dreams.

Message to Entrepreneurs

All we want to say is :

Take care of your team, keep your hopes up for every investor pitch, appreciate failure because that is how you will learn and don’t forget to give yourself some props when you make progress.

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