LIFTIEE, a Mumbai Based Startup : India’s first real-time bike-sharing and Ride Sharing App #DigitalIndia

LIFTIEE, a Mumbai Based Startup is India’s first real-time bike-sharing and Ride Sharing app. Liftiee is a social enterprise that provides convenient and affordable alternative to commercially owned cars and bikes.

Liftiee’s app connects you with verified car/bike owners going your way at the same time, so you can start bike-sharing and Ride Sharing in a matter of minutes.

Whether you ride or drive, Liftiee can help you save time and money. Of course – by bike-sharing and Ride Sharing you’re also reducing pollution in the air – so you’ll be helping out the environment as well.

Only authorized users will share a ride.

Why should you use LIFTIEE :

  • Individual Protection of Privacy : Every user can decide, which contact data he wants to publish If the user don´t want to publish his email and telephone publicly, the contact can anyhow be guaranteed by using a contact form which veils his email address. So the privacy can be protected and the contact is guaranteed!
  • User friendly interface
  • Simple, clean and neat presentation of forms, drop down menus and easy to navigate UI’s
  • Notification Service (Drive Alert) : It´s a kind of a newsletter, which scrutinizes every new entered ride and automatically notifies a user who possibly fits to the new entry and has set a individual route in the drive alert in the past. The Drive Alert can be set for offered and searched rides. Integrated circuit search for similar rides
    No locale restriction
  • Almost every place can be choosen in your city limits
  • Comprehensive search function
  • Circuit search (free definable distance) Circuit search for the legs of a trip
  • Easy submit of rides and entries
  • Submitting User Registration details using facebook, twitter and google plus id’s Easy, non fussy registration forms
  • Accessibility to social networks
  • Social logins available via facebook, gmail and linkedin.
    Lowest Rates
  • Prices as low as Rs. 10 charged for the 0 to 3 kms to be economically sound for the Lift taker
  • Multiple Destination and Rides : A user can choose multiple pickup and drop points on his entire route. He can combine many back to back Ride Sharing requests and make it one complete ride if that falls well under his route travelled.  Endless Ride Sharing at your service.
  • Gender Friendly : The most awesome feature of selecting a car ride filled with girl power is available. Women drivers can choose their company as per their safety point of view.
  • Connectivity to other Modes of Transport : Have an event to attend with your Big Fat Indian Family? Or a Great Gang of Friends?? No worries! We connect our Ride Share services to buses, bikes and autos as well and ensure that you reach your final destination with ease.
  • Collaboration with Paytm : Hassle free online transaction with Paytm, our payment gateway partners. Their wallet services ensure that your money reaches your wallets safely and securely.

Recently they also got funding from Roadies actor Rannvijay Singh.