gear.in_team, a Bangalore based startup is an online motorcycle repair and maintenance service that promises to instantly ease your bike maintenance troubles.

They are one-stop shop for servicing, repair and insurance renewal, having collaborated with 100+ authorized service centers across 9 motorcycle brands in Bangalore.

What’s more, our booking and order tracking system allow you to check the status of your service, make online payments. They claim to have your bike delivered back to you within a guaranteed delivery window of just 3 hours!

They provide an online platform with info of all the authorized bike service centers and enable the users to book a service online. They want to make sure, your bike is always in a good condition and available as your first choice of transport. After all, who doesn’t love bikes? 🙂

They provide booking for not just repair, but also, periodic servicing,emergency service, insurance renewal, query, punctures and much more.

Services like, home pickup and drop off of your vehicle, guide you to the nearest service center when your bike breaks down, directing to nearest petrol station when you need fuel, guide you to the nearest puc center for pollution check, sms and email tracking of your service order and many more.

See how works :