Three medicos from Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi have developed low cost bionic limb for amputees lacking fingers and wrist joints.

There are around one million upper limb amputees in India and most of them do not have access to prosthesis due to ridiculously high cost.

Zeus, developed by Aether Biomedical, is a bionic limb for upper limb amputees with below elbow amputation. The myoelectric prosthetic arms are affordable for economically weaker sections in the country.

The arm works in the following manner – it picks up EMG signals from the residual muscles, decodes it using a muscle morse code and performs the action according to users’ intent. It allows the amputee to perform daily life tasks with ease and allows the amputee to modulate the strength of the grip giving him precise control so that he can pick up delicate objects like eggs.

This innovation is all set to uplift them physically as well as emotionally.

Awesome Work Guys .

Source : LinkedIn

Witness Zeus in action, driven by its chief pilot – Jatin