Rapido : Helping People to Get an Economical Ride

A bunch of IITians looking to make life easier for people came up with the concept of Rapido. They came up with the concept to make people move in an economical way.

Rapido is basically a platform where you can book a bike ride through a mobile app while traveling solo. The difference in economics of a two-wheeler and a four-wheeler is that traveling on a two-wheeler allows you to save upto 60% of your ride cost when you’re traveling solo. With the traffic situation exceptionally pathetic especially during peak hours, zipping past in a two-wheeler saves a lot of time. Traveling in a cab alone costs a lot of money and time as well. Rapido is the next solution.

It also provides an opportunity for people with a two-wheeler (along with the license) to become a rider on the platform and earn some extra money in their spare time.

And all this with just a tap of a button ! Leveraging the cutting-edge state-of-the-art technology to make the life of an urban city dweller much easier and convenient is what they have set out to do.

Advantages of using Rapido App are :

  1. Easy and Convenient: Just at the tap of a button
  2. Real-time: Book real-time and find a rider within minutes
  3. Economical: The cheapest way to commute intracity
  4. Fast: Save time in traffic jams
  5. Safe: See the slew of safety features here.
  6. Social: Make new friends everyday while commuting

Rapido has also taken views of the public on Pilion Helmet.